Tips for Vacation Rental First-Timers

Travelers are flocking to vacation rentals more and more these days. If you are unsure about making the switch, here’s a few tips on how to navigate the vacation rental process:

Book Early – Do your research and find out what the on and off seasons are for your destination. During an on season your destination could be booked several months in advanced, so be aware of the right timing to get the perfect rental.

Get specific – go into booking knowing what you’re looking for. Get familiar with all of the rental’s amenities and if they are things you will actually enjoy. Some rentals are priced by their amenities so you don’t want to waste money on amenities you won’t be using.

Stay Flexible – Remember you are staying at a vacation rental not a hotel room, so leave your expectations of being served at home. Take any hiccups you experience with a grain of salt and enjoy your vacation.

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