What are your goals for Adagio and its property owners?

Our goal is to provide a rental option focused solely on Adagio, its property owners, their guests and the quality of the Adagio experience.  We will not always be the lowest priced option for rental management.  We will strive to do everything in the best way it can be done and sometimes that requires a higher fee or more revenue to accomplish.  Adagio is our entire market and Adagio owners are our investors, our board and our customers.

Can I review your Rental Management Agreement?

Of course!  It is available from the link at the bottom of the property management page.

Will guests have to sign a rental agreement to protect my property and Adagio?

Yes.  We always use a Guest Rental Agreement (GRA) that must be on file before arrival.  Among other things, this is vital to protecting owners in the event of damages.  It also sets the bar by communicating our policies and the owner association’s policies to our guests.

Housekeeping has always been a struggle for my unit. How are you going to handle housekeeping?

Housekeeping sets the stage for being able to impress our guests.  Nothing else can be right until the property is clean and ready for their enjoyment.  Our housekeeping fee may be somewhat higher than other management companies, but we feel it is important to have the best cleaners in the market.  Our cleaners will be accountable to an independent inspector, and even to the arriving guests. Part of their fee is withheld if guests find legitimate problems upon arrival.

Where is your front desk?

Our office is conveniently located right outside the front gate of Adagio.  Guests are directed to their units at check-in and do not have to stop at the desk, but we are always here right at the front gate to respond quickly to any guest needs during your stay.

What is your management commission and owner referral rate?

We offer a first-year incentive rate of 15% with a 20% commission in subsequent years.  The owner referral rate for all properties is 13%.

Other rental agents advertise lower commissions.  Do you match their rates?

A – We provide a competitive commission structure and will work hard to provide superior service for Adagio owners, but we can’t match everyone’s rates.  There are those who undercut rates at the expense of service quality and we are not willing to do that.  Sometimes the old adage that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch” might need to be “no such thing as a cheap lunch”.  We know owners, who care about their properties, can understand the need to do things right…and that has costs.

Can I book my own property?

Yes!  If you choose to do some marketing on your own we are happy to accept your bookings at an owner referral rate of 13% commission.  Your advertised rates need to be in sync with our published rates and fees, but we are happy to help with that throughout the process.

Can I keep my door lock?

If your Kaba lock belongs to you we will be able to reprogram it to our system without any problems.  If not, we can help you replace it with an identical lock.

Do you handle sales and bed taxes on rentals for me?

Yes!  We handle applicable state and transient taxes on your behalf.

What will you charge for linens?

There will be no owner linen fee.  We will manage our linen pool with a portion of each housekeeping fee earmarked for replenishing linens.

How will you market my property?

Marketing in today’s vacation rental industry happens largely through internet channel marketing partners.  Most people know of VRBO, Homeaway and Trip Advisor, but there are many others.  We will utilize all avenues that offer us significant inquiry traffic.  We will also market properties through an active program of email campaigns and search engine keyword marketing.

What is your damage policy?

A – Guests will automatically participate in our accidental damage program with their reservation fee as part of our program.  As a second layer of protection for our owners, we will have detailed language in their rental agreements acknowledging responsibility for any willful damage or loss not covered.

Can I call you anytime I have questions or concerns about my property?

Of course!  Our number is at the top of this site and we love to hear from property owners any time.  One of the great things about having such a focused market is that our owners know they have our undivided attention when they need it.