How To Stand Out Among the Vacation Rental Market: Part One

The Vacation Rental market is an ever-expanding one. More and more vacationers are gravitating toward vacation rentals than hotels. Make your vacation rental stand out from the crowd with our marketing tips.

How to Become a Successful Vacation Rental Owner

  1. Create a Marketing plan – Getting organized and coming up with a plan will be your best line of defense. Keep record of what marketing techniques work for you, monitor trends and update it constantly. Invest in advertisements and become approachable for potential clients to reach out to you.
  2. Be Responsive – Clients want to feel like that are interacting with a real human being, which is why they are drawn to vacation rentals rather than dealing with a corporate hotel. Respond to inqueries as quickly as you can, even when you are booked. Express your gratitude for their interest and suggest them booking at a different time. Clients will always remember how you made them feel and will make them come back.
  3. Create a booking system – It can be easy to get overwhelmed or lose track of bookings when you don’t have a system in place. This will create confidence and professionalism when you have a legit booking system. Write up rental agreements, deposit forms, final statements, and the appropriate documents needed to make your process and renter’s experience as smooth as possible.

Stay tuned for our August Blog for more tips on overcoming competitors in the vacation rental market. In the meantime visit Adagio30A’s website for more information today.

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