3 Things To Know Before Renting A Vacation Home

Vacation home rentals have seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years. They tend to be more comfortable and private than hotels, and serve more as a part of the vacation than just where you stay while vacationing. Here are few things to have in mind when choosing the right vacation home for you.


  1. Know the Available Services. While you can count on a hotel having certain amenities, not every home will. You’ll want to check before sealing the deal that your desired vacation home has everything you need, including basics like plumbing and heating/cooling. In some places you rent, you’ll basically be fully in charge of the home. Others might have housekeeping services to help maintain the place and meet your needs.


  1. Know the Floor Plan. One of the nice things about vacation homes is that they invariably look so much better than a hotel. But looks aren’t everything; make sure the floor plan of the place will accommodate your stay. Consider things like accessibility, or where or how many doors there are, both for your privacy and safety.


  1. Plan on Needed Space. A key feature of many vacation homes is the gathering places they offer, often in multiple rooms. If you’re just traveling with a small group, you won’t need that much space, and can choose a vacation home that will save you money. If you plan to have any larger gatherings, though, you’ll want to make sure a home that will offer the space you need.


These are just a few of the considerations you should make while hunting for the perfect vacation home rental. Fortunately, Adagio 30A makes it easy to keep it all straight and make the best choice. If you’re planning a vacation in the Santa Rosa Beach area of Florida, browse our Adagio 30A vacation rentals to find the perfect fit for you!


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