The Ultimate Florida Panhandle Wildlife Guide

Are you a nature lover? Do you wish to explore the secrets of the Florida Panhandle’s wildlife during your upcoming trip to 30A? If so, you’re in luck, because this blog was written for you! We’ll give you more information about the kind of animals and marine species that inhabit our beautiful region and give you tips on how to get even closer to it! Read on to find out about our favorite state parks and other natural spots and start planning a wonderful trip to 30A today.

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A General Guide to the Florida Panhandle’s Wildlife

The Florida Panhandle’s Local Wildlife

The Florida Panhandle is a magical place to discover, whether it’s your first time or your 100th. This tucked-away portion of the state is one of the least populated and boasts some of the most stunning natural areas in the South. The region is covered with rivers, gorgeous beaches, swamps, dunes, and tidal marshes, making it a scenic sanctuary for a wide variety of species. 30A’s wildlife consists of otters, alligators, marsh rabbits, pelicans, and more than 250 bird species! 

Aquatic Animals

The ocean plays a huge role in the Florida Panhandle’s wildlife, especially along the Emerald Coast’s splendid beaches. There are more fish and mammals under the water than you might suspect, which makes it even more exciting to discover. From sea turtles to dolphins, and an incredible variety of fish, 30A’s waters are filled with wonders. Northwest Florida is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet, and as soon as you dive underwater, you’ll understand why!

Where You Can See 30A’s Wildlife

We’ve told you a bit more about what you can see in 30A, but where can you go to make it a reality? The Florida Panhandle is filled with breathtaking state parks where you can walk around and spot all the animals we mentioned. St. Andrews State Park is one of our favorites. The former military base features 1.5 miles of beach and dunes and is a fabulous spot to see seabirds, alligators, and even deer. 

Do you wish to explore the ocean more? Why not jump in? 30A offers a wide array of diving classes that take you right to the sea life you seek. You can even pair it with an exploration of a shipwreck! If it’s dolphins you wish to see, we can’t recommend Shell Island Cruises enough! Their tours are fully narrated and take you around the beaches of Shell Island to watch these majestic animals at play. You can even pull fish and crab traps!

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